Jul 26, 2016 Since this is a huge change in tech, the NX will almost certainly not be backwards compatible. • As for power? Here's a direct quote: “Graphical 

Jun 11, 2019 Check out Nintendo Direct for E3 2019. Presentation includes details on the incredible line-up of new and upcoming games for the Nintendo  Mar 3, 2016 Nintendo's NX and mobile games won't make an appearance in today's livestreamed announcements, but will there be surprises for Wii U and  75 votes, 88 comments. Some german websites are reporting that Nintendo will reavel the NX in a direct next week (September 6th). The source is … Sep 2, 2016 NINTENDO unveils multiple brand new games for the 3DS handheld, including a new Mario, Pikmin and more. Fans are, however, still waiting 

Si l'arrivée de Metroid Prime 4 sur Switch est connue depuis le dernier E3, l'évocation de Donkey Kong est plutôt surprenante. À l'heure où un Nintendo Direct approche à grands pas (ne serait-ce pour évoquer l'abonnement payant, après tout prévu ce mois-ci pour le jeu en ligne), un certain nom circule : Donkey Kong Planet (4chan étant la source, il va de soi que les pincettes sont

Nintendo NX : découvrez-là en direct live et vidéo (Nintendo Switch) [Màj] Les récentes rumeurs qui annonçaient une présentation officielle de la Nintendo NX cette semaine disaient donc vrai ! Après un Tweet de Nintendo Japon puis de Nintendo Europe et, enfin, de Nintendo France, la date de présentation officielle de la très fantasmée nouvelle console de Nintendo a finalement été

Jul 26, 2016 That's exactly what Nintendo is doing, at least according to Eurogamer. The console, codenamed NX, will be officially unveiled in September 

Nintendo has cryptically stated that it will be a “Nintendo Switch Presentation” so will there be no Nintendo Direct? We think it will be a combination of a  The Nintendo Switch (codenamed the NX in development) is a hybrid video game During the September 2019 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Super  Apr 27, 2016 Nintendo CEO: NX won't simply replace 3DS and WiiU videos, screenshots, interviews and much more, live and direct for this year's show. Sep 30, 2016 The NX console earns a bit of hype courtesy of Ubisoft's CEO leading up to its 2017 release. Oct 4, 2016 Squish Turtle is reporting that they believe the Nintendo NX will be with the device's launch with the fifth year anniversary of Nintendo Direct. Sep 28, 2016 Now, new rumors suggest that, finally, the company plans on discussing the console at one of its special “Nintendo Direct” events. Until then,